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Kimble Expands Footprint in ANZ

Kimble’s New GM Tours Australia Meeting Customers

By: Steve Listos, General Manager, Australia and New Zealand Region

After two decades of experience in professional services, I changed places earlier this year when I became General Manager of the Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) region for Kimble, the leading Professional Services Automation solution. Having managed commercial and resourcing functions previously, I feel I understand the perspective and paint points of Kimble’s clients. Equally, having been able to optimise operations in the past using Kimble PSA, I also understand the potential that lies ahead.

The first priority in my new role was to meet and talk with existing and prospective customers throughout the region. So, along with Kimble’s Chief Adoption Officer Peter Fitzpatrick, I set out on a tour that spanned three states on both sides of Australia.

Peter, who has been a senior member of the Kimble team for six years, and has a lot of experience helping customers to get the best out of the software, flew into Melbourne for our week-long whistle-stop tour of customers at the end of June.

The trip was a great opportunity for us both to spend face to face time with customers. We wanted to understand how each business was positioned for the future, to take advantage of opportunities to grow and scale. We wanted to hear about their Kimble experience, benefits achieved as well as improvement opportunities, and to reset the engagement model where necessary. We were also looking to map out Kimble’s plans and strategies for the ANZ region.

After meeting with a software provider in Melbourne on the first day, we took a flight to Sydney. Due to the fog, our first meeting – with the ANZ representatives of a global customer – was cancelled although we managed to reschedule a face to face meeting post the trip. After three days in the Sydney area, where we attended meetings, conference calls, and an evening reception hosted by one customer, we headed back to Melbourne and then on to Perth.

Over the week, I enjoyed listening to several client success stories – hearing how Kimble has effectively supported business growth. Customers outlined that they had largely felt well supported even though support had been remote until now. However the general sentiment towards Kimble’s increased investment in the ANZ region was overwhelmingly positive and they see the value of having someone who understands the local landscape, has worked in professional services and is an ex Kimble user. This has only reinforced the motives behind my move and the opportunity to make a real impact with clients.

This trip certainly felt for me like the commencement of relationships that I will look to strengthen in the future. I was delighted to find so much keenness and proactiveness demonstrated by customers who want to get more out of their current use of Kimble, in particular around resourcing, forecasting and reporting. They are also eager to understand how other like-minded businesses and users utilise Kimble. We are now looking to schedule a customer meetup later in the year, where ANZ customers will have the opportunity to connect with members of the Kimble team and each other.


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