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Kimble Launches Summer 19 Introducing Intelligent Time Capture to Professional Services Automation

Leading provider of PSA software announces time capture features that help consultants and project managers work together more effectively

BOSTON (PRWEB) MAY 08, 2019 – Kimble Applications, a global leader in professional services automation, today announced an update to its Intelligent PSA. The latest release introduces Intelligent Time Capture, making timesheet compliance in PSA easier than it’s ever been. Summer 19 enhances the consultant experience and intelligently guides time recording and approval so that businesses can make decisions based on accurate, up-to-date project data.

“This really makes time entry incredibly intuitive for our consultants – a really great change,” says Chris Manning, who administers the PSA for Virtual Clarity. “Kimble will make a lot of people really happy with this release.”

The new, market-leading features in Summer 19 focus squarely on the users that drive the most value from PSA but traditionally receive the least attention in the marketplace – the consultant population that makes up the majority of PSA users. This disparity was addressed by Kimble product marketing manager Charles Gustine in a recent TSIA webinar “Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Helping Consultants Become Technology Champions.”

“Consultants are obviously essential to the operation of a consulting organization,” says Gustine. “And because of that they’re also essential to the success of any tool that involves them; the way they wield that tool – whether they wield the tool – determines what the ROI will be. Unfortunately, the people who probably feel least essential to the purchase and adoption of new technology are consultants.”

Kimble takes the lead in putting consultants at the center of the conversation with its Summer 19 release, which was deployed to a large number of customer sandboxes over the weekend and officially launches during the Technology Services World Conference in San Diego this week.

There, visitors to the Kimble booth can see new features like a monthly timesheet summary, which allows users to instantly see where there are gaps in timesheet compliance and quickly act on them. The consultant home screen also presents them with new components that display their utilization percentage in the current year and with their allotment of Time Off In Lieu (TOIL). Upon arriving at their timesheet, users will be treated to a completely redesigned user experience that makes it clear at every step what actions are required to capture the work they’ve done. New tooltips support this clarity, providing in-context help throughout the time entry process.

The new design also reduces the total amount of steps required to enter and submit time, an initiative supported by new time entry shortcuts, prompts to copy time from a previous period, and new selective time entry capabilities. In Summer 19, Kimble introduces the ability to simply start and stop a timer for an assignment, further streamlining timesheet compliance while ensuring accuracy.

“In order to provide accurate business insights, a PSA relies on accurate information from the people in the field,” says David Scott, founder and CTO of Kimble. “We believe that the feedback we’ve received from our customers on what those users require, combined with our own insights on where PSA technology is heading have led to enhancements that will drive consultants to see timesheets as a chance to contribute to success rather than a chore. This is the most we’ve ever done for the largest group of PSA users, and we think that attention paid to the needs of consultants will have a profound effect on how much our solution will be able to transform the businesses that use it.”

Low-touch assignment management is an important aspect of the transformational Intelligent Time Capture package. The Kimble application intelligently assesses whether time entries are reasonable and manages those time entries on behalf of project managers without manual intervention. This increases the agility and efficiency of time capture for consultants and frees up project managers to focus on approvals and assignment management tasks that do require their attention, continuing Kimble’s push to use augmented intelligence to make easy tasks easier so human intelligence can be focused on harder tasks.

Accordingly, Kimble’s Summer 19 release makes time capture more manageable as well as more usable through administrative enhancements, including a new ability to warn users where they have incomplete time periods in the past or to prevent time entry in later periods when this is the case.

Kimble has not limited Intelligent Time Capture to its core PSA application – Kimble’s mobile app, Kimble 2.0, will also receive usability upgrades in its next release, making it even easier for users to enter time and expenses on the go.


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