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Kimble Applications Releases New Analyzer Product, Expanding AI-Enablement

BOSTON, Mass. (2-21-2019) — Kimble, a global leader in Professional Services Automation (PSA), today launches a new state-of-the-art, AI-enabled product named Delivery Analyzer. Kimble’s new family of Analyzer products enables services business to analyze business performance more deeply than ever before, using a mirror version of the data.

Kimble CEO Sean Hoban said: “We are excited to launch this innovative new product, which puts diagnostic analytics in the hands of our customers, giving them the tools to drill down directly to the projects that are affecting profitability. Our team of developers has created an application that separates the signal from the noise, providing analysts with custom-built dashboards that surface risky and underperforming projects.”

Delivery Analyzer and Resourcing Analyzer extension products create a ‘digital twin’ of the data which is held in Kimble, allowing users to manipulate it freely to gain insight into performance. They are designed to utilize the cutting-edge capabilities of Salesforce Einstein. 

Delivery Analyzer allows users to drill into engagement forecasts, timelines and risks in visually-compelling dashboards. It gives users the ability to compare revenue, margin and usage baselines with the equivalent forecast value of each, giving insight into the best and worst-performing projects and making it simple to identify the root causes.