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Some Winter 19 Highlights – by Sarah Edwards, Global VP Solution Engineering

By Sarah Edwards, Global VP Solution Engineering

Winter 19 Goes Live Across Our Customer Community

Kimble’s latest version – Winter 19 – is going live across our customer base through November and we are excited to share highlights of the great new features. Listening to our customers and the industry, we continue to develop the Kimble product making it easier for our customers to use and to get value from it.

Now we have moved to automatic updates (aka “push”) it means the Kimble community moves to each version at roughly the same time, and thus all the support team’s efforts can be concentrated on helping them to realize the benefits.

Focus on Intelligent Forecasting

This release is subtitled  “Intelligent Forecasting” – Kimble has always been based on the idea that focusing on what is ahead is the best way to improve business performance. We already lead the market in this area. Now we are embedding even more augmented intelligence, with the aim of helping people to do this better.

Forecasting Accuracy

What do we mean by forecasting accuracy? It is not quite the same as accurate forecasts. Checking predictions against reality and monitoring the degree to which they differ, looking at the trends over time, continually improving the process. This is a way to make the business more predictable over time.

Most PSAs provide a revenue forecast, but it is often difficult to understand how the pattern of forecasting varies over time, and what this means for different functions within the business.  We now have a system that offers guidance on how to interpret your forecasts – how consistent they are and how confident you can be about them. Insights automatically alert users that a business unit forecasting accuracy is decreasing enabling them to drill down to see this analysis over time.

This gives more insight into how the predictions match with reality and how this typically trends over the month,  compared to previous periods. This will ultimately help customers to create more accurate forecasts as they can spot common trends or challenges early, with analysis at the individual business unit level.

Proactive Resourcing

Supporting proactive resourcing is another area of strength for Kimble. Our previous release was subtitled “Intelligent Resourcing” and we continue to build this capability.  The Winter 19 enhancement further extends customers’ ability to perform extremely powerful and specific searches to find the best resource fit.  Working with large global businesses with lots of resources, we know that Kimble is already leading the way on this and the power and flexibility of the app is now extended further.

Increased Automation

In response to customers’ requests, we are streamlining how linked pieces of data are moved. This is now automated so that if one deliverable moves out, it will be possible to bulk-move related items.

The challenge here is that opportunities are always moving, and customers need to keep the potential delivery dates (e.g. assignments, tasks, milestones, annuities) in line with the likely acceptance and start date.  These can now be configured to move automatically or manually using a wizard.

We have retained a lot of flexibility. Users could choose to move automatically up until a particular sales stage before switching to manual. For example, as an opportunity matures planning becomes more detailed and users may not want to automatically move dates without assessing the impact more closely on resourcing etc.

Future Customer-led Enhancements

The cutting-edge enhancements in Winter ‘19 come from a process in which Kimble’s dedicated development team work with the requests and advice from our customers. New technology is utilized in ways which improve business performance.

This dedication to customer success continues to be the driving force in Kimble’s development process. We know our customers are keen to make use of Winter 19 – and in many cases, already looking forward to what will be in Summer 19!