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Leadership Lessons from Kimble CMO Mark Robinson

An interview with Kimble co-founder and CMO Mark Robinson on leadership features in Authority Magazine under the heading:  ‘“Hire People Who Have Potential To Do A Better Job Than You” — 5 Tips To Lead Successful Teams with Mark Robinson.’

Mark draws on his 25-year career as a serial entrepreneur and manager to offer insights into how best to build and retain successful teams. His suggestions include: “Never blame people: If someone makes a mistake, then it’s an opportunity for them to learn from it”; and “Decision making is a two-step process. Listen, analyze, and learn first and then decide.”

In a wide-ranging interview, Mark shares other interesting stories and advice about team-building – for instance, in the age of technology,  he argues it may no longer be necessary to organize by geographical location. “The previous business I founded was a professional services firm — we started an operation in India. We deliberately organized as teams of matching skills and not geography. We were told that companies with offshore operations like India had high attrition rates. With this approach we ended up with lower attrition rates than in our onshore based people!”

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