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Kimble Survey Features in Washington Post and other titles.

Kimble’s survey showing that many Americans do not take all of their paid holiday entitlement caused comment in many prestigious publications, including Forbes, which ran a feature entitled “Why America Has Become the No Vacation Nation“. Another widely-syndicated pice on the site motleyfool.com entitled “Americans Are Bad at taking Vacation and it’s Hurting Us Big Time” was picked up by Nasdaq and the Washington Post. A report in Benefits PRO showed a woman returning to work to find her desk overflowing – referencing the fact that many US workers work remotely when they do go away.

Writing in Forbes, journalist Victor Lipman argues that the US is becoming “vacation-phobic”. He argues: “Making employees feel guilty about taking vacation time is counterproductive. Employees don’t get to relax, recharge and take time to think and gain perspective. Inadequate time off makes employees anxious, tired and wired.”

The Motley Fool said the survey confirms a “dangerous trend”. “The fact of the matter is that workers need time away to recharge and tend to personal matters. If they don’t get it, they risk burning out and growing less productive, not more. And while companies should play a role in encouraging and enabling employees to get that time away, it’s something workers need to push for at the individual level.”

Other publications such as HR Director also carried the findings. Download the Kimble “No Vacation Nation” Survey.