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Kimble Applications Introduces Intelligent Resourcing in the Latest Release of Its Professional Services Automation Software


May 7, 2018Kimble Applications, a global leader in professional services automation, today announced an update to its Intelligent PSA. The latest release sets a new high standard for resource management software. Summer 18, which was deployed to a large number of customer sandboxes over the weekend, brings to market the first PSA with “intelligent resourcing.”  

 The new, market-leading features in Summer 18 add intelligence to how resourcing managers and project managers collaborate. Optimal matching of resource supply and demand depends on accurate forecasts and yet few professional services organizations can produce reliable projections over even the next few weeks. These enhancements will enable project managers to easily update central resourcing with their team’s latest commitments and availability. They also provide insight that helps project managers tune their plans to accommodate the load on resources from other’s projects.  

Task-led assignment planning closes the loop between project tasks and assignments: the system automatically calculates the daily assignment load by resource based on all of their tasks. Pinned days identify important or immovable days in the project. The over-allocation guide gives the project managers the ability to see what other projects their resources are allocated to (and how much), and which projects managers to speak to find a compromise.  

Work items is a new way of capturing “things to do” on a project that don’t individually warrant an estimate of effort. These work items, which can measure story points, combined with iterative projects offer a mainstream level of support for agile methods and easy resourcing in that context. 

Intelligence in Summer 18 also assists resourcing managers to make faster and more appropriate decisions – which consultant to assign to a given project at what time – by recommending and rating best matches in a prioritized list. The release also includes smart framework assignments that don’t forecast demand until a bucket of days is drawn down upon. The draw-down can be enacted directly by end-customers through a Kimble Community portal saving time for resourcing managers.  

“Kimble PSA has been leading the market in resource planning capabilities for some time. This is chiefly because it’s so tightly embedded with CRM, particularly Salesforce,” said Sean Hoban, founder and CEO of Kimble. “Published research from Aberdeen Group shows that combining CRM with PSA increases utilization rates by 12 percentage points, on average. The addition of intelligent resourcing, puts our product even further ahead of the competition. Our customers will reap the benefits in the form of higher utilization and profitability.” 

Additionally, there are new onboarding and offboarding wizards, and GDPR features to support the right to be forgotten, subject access requests and consent for contact. 

“While many factors affect project performance and profitability, none are more than influential than resource management. Recent RMI research shows that project-based consulting businesses have a big opportunity to improve project outcomes by removing inhibitors to effective resourcing,” said Randy Mysliviec, Managing Director of the Resource Management Institute. “Better resource management processes and better software automation tools will enable them to adopt Just-in-Time Resourcing®. The RMI applauds Kimble’s continued investment in addressing the mission-critical resource management needs of the industry.”