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Is Your Data-Collection Style “Creepy or Cool?” – New Podcast on GDPR and Professional Services Businesses

Boston – Friday May 18. In the first in series 2 of the PS Insights Podcast sponsored by Kimble, Ardi Kolah who advises government agencies and major financial institutions on data regulation, looks at some of the issues facing specifically US-based businesses and Professional Services organizations who manage data for others.

In an engaging and interesting conversation, Kolah considers some of the guiding principles which will help business leaders to navigate the new regulations which come into force on May 25, 2018. “Ask yourself – would I be OK with this use of my data? Is it creepy or cool?”

He also unravels some scenarios that business leaders face, for instance, where responsibility lies in a ‘data chain’ and explains that the main right GDPR gives to citizens is the right to transparency – to be able to see where their data is being stored and processed.

Listen to the podcast here.