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Don’t Become the Bottleneck to Growth – How to Manage a Rapidly-Expanding Business.

In a blog post first published in CIO digital magazine, Kimble co-founder and CMO Mark Robinson advised business leaders how to handle some of the issues which arise when a business grows and exceeds the “Dunbar Number” – based on the size of a medieval village.

At the foundation stage, Mark advised, “many business leaders hire people from their existing networks whom they already know and trust. The team works very closely together, and people can hand over tasks to each other with relative ease and informality. This generally works well when the company is smaller than the “Dunbar number,” based on the size of a medieval village, which is 150 people. In a company of this size, everyone knows everyone and the distance between the most senior and the most junior person is small.  There is less need for formal processes.

“But past this point, the dynamic of the business starts to change. There are too many people for the informal operational practices that worked in the past to be effective. The founders are no longer bringing on board people they already know and trust, the net is cast wider and the new hires are unknown quantities. They may have lots of relevant experience, but it takes time to establish trust and confidence.”

Mark suggested a number of strategies to get past this point, including using technology to help staff to self-manage and to create transparency. “Technology provides a way to ensure the visibility and accountability which makes this possible. Sharing up to date, real-time information across the company gives the visibility which allows business leaders to feel confident about handing over those vital decisions – because they know that they will be alerted to areas of the business where issues are emerging. Having generally accurate forecasts also means they can immediately see which areas are diverging from prediction.”

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