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Training is moving from the classroom to the cloud – Kimble CMO Mark Robinson on adapting to the change.

First published on the Salesforce Inside the Ecosystem blog.
Here’s what our team at Kimble found in talking to some of our employees about their experience with Trailhead training in particular: “Doing a Trailhead course has made the transition from one work area to another a little easier because I haven’t gone in blind; I know I have some of the right skills.” — Ali, Kimble employee. 

How Can Training Disruption Improve Performance?

Currently, there is a great deal of  disruption  going on in the area of learning technology. In the past, most training programs relied heavily on classroom-based sessions, often provided by a third party, and hefty printed training and instruction manuals to carry around. Attending three-day courses usually involved spending time travelling and sitting through material that you already knew, or which was not directly relevant to you. It was the best available at the time — but it was a one-size-fits-all approach.

Now the Cloud offers the potential to make available an almost infinite variety of training, available on-demand, in bite-sized chunks for people to do whenever they wish. Trailhead  courses, which are available to Salesforce partners and customers as well as employees, are one example. We are finding that studying something that feels relevant, at the time you need to learn it, is very motivating.

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