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Kimble Qualifies as Global Leader in PSA – and Maintains Top Spot for Customer Satisfaction

Kimble has qualified as a G2 Crowd “Leader” for the first time in the Winter 2018 Grid Report for Professional Services Automation. Kimble also maintained the top spot for overall customer satisfaction on the review site, thanks to over 150 users who have written about the product and the ease of doing business with the company.

With a customer satisfaction score of 96 percent, Kimble was fully 31 points higher than the largest PSA provider, NetSuite OpenAir, which was launched in 1999. OpenAir’s satisfaction rating of 65 percent is attributable, according to several recent reviewers, to its ‘outdated’ interface.

The PSA Winter 18 Grid Report is a snapshot towards the end of 2017 of satisfaction ratings and market presence for 42 PSA vendors. It shows Kimble has the quickest payback time of the four leading PSAs. It also ranked highest among the leading PSAs for several individual features including forecasting, project accounting, scheduling and for integration with other applications.

CEO Sean Hoban said: “Kimble is unique in the PSA market. We concentrate 100% of our energy on PSA and we’re built on the Salesforce platform. Buyers choose Kimble when they want PSA to be tightly coupled with CRM, and when they want to buy a flexible framework of industry-leading processes. Kimble was designed specifically for professional services organizations by experts in how to run fast-growth services businesses – this is what drives our high satisfaction ratings.”

Many user reviews on G2 Crowd highlight the fact that Kimble is in the Salesforce ecosystem, written in the same code. One reviewer, from Canon Europe, said a key attraction of Kimble was that it’s “embedded in Salesforce,” and also highlighted the additional “underlying best practice” which comes along with the solution.

A user from Atlas Cloud Solutions in the US commented that Kimble “streamlined our sales and delivery on the Salesforce platform.” He wrote: “We all want to be more process-oriented, efficient, and spend less time on the menial tasks that bog us down in our CRM. Kimble PSA allows you to spend less valuable time on tasks that can be automated and more time on the important things, delivering quality work or products to your customers.”

And another reviewer, from Lanluas Consulting in Australia, wrote: “Kimble has provided us with real-time visibility into the health of our engagements which we did not have previously. Questions from a client as simple as “how many days are remaining on our statement of work” could take us hours to respond to, which was frustrating for ourselves and our customers.”