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Kimble Co-founder Advises on New Approaches to Training

Training is currently undergoing disruption, moving from the classroom to the cloud. This process involves more than moving existing material to a new format. It requires a rethink of the whole process, Kimble co-founder and CMO Mark Robinson commented in a blog post for the online technology publication CIO.com.

Discussing the ways training is evolving, including the innovative e-learning forum Salesforce Trailhead which is available to customers and partners as well as employees, Mark concluded that increasingly, rather than mandating training, employers curate it and employees chose what and when they want to learn.

“What is the role of a business leader in this process? I would argue that this is another area where transparency is key. I have written elsewhere about the importance of a shared understanding of the organization’s strategy and direction. That feeds back into training decisions individuals make. If they have a clear picture of where the organization is headed, they can see what skills they may need to work on. Which skill-sets are in decline and which are emerging? How can individual employees develop their potential in a way that fits with the strategy? That extends throughout the organization – business leaders are not immune from the need to learn new skills, and brush up the old ones.”

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