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“A Sense of Perspective” – Kimble CMO on Soft Skills for the Tech Sector

The digital magazine IT Business Edge consulted business leaders, including Kimble CMO and co-founder Mark Robinson, over what are the key soft skills which are required for the fast-paced environment of technology.

Robinson identified a sense of humour and in particular, a sense of perspective, which helps to stay the course in this dynamic and challenging area. He said:  “From geeks to fast-talking salespeople and unicorn-inspired egomaniac entrepreneur founders, you need to be able to work alongside all of them and keep your sense of perspective. So being able to take a more light-hearted view of some of your colleagues’ antics will help.”

Other skills highlighted in the article include: empathy, the ability to collaborate across disciplines; communication skills; listening and flexibility; a customer service mindset, an ability to connect with other people, time management and the ability to prioritize work tasks and to meet deadlines.

Read the article, entitled “Soft Skills Every Tech Worker Needs