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Kimble CMO Mark Robinson Advises on How to Provide Transparency

In a thought leadership column for HR Daily Advisor, Kimble co-founder Mark Robinson drew on a Kimble survey “Dedicated but in the Dark“, which found that most employees don’t have full insight into the performance of their organizations, to advise taking a more strategic approach to transparency.

He argued that working practices which do not share information on strategic goals and performance are outdated and contribute to problems such as decision-making bottlenecks. Managers who pay lip service to the idea of transparency without actually providing it are letting down the workforce.

“The digital workplace requires capable staff who are empowered to self-manage. They have to make decisions and act in the best interest of the company and that means they need to know what is going on. Having a structured and organized process in place for information sharing means organizations can function in a more agile and dynamic way. It also creates an opportunity to inspire and engage employees and to make them feel valued.”

Mark suggested three steps towards a  more transparent workplace culture: translating the mission statement into metrics, making information on business performance easily accessible; and taking a constructive approach towards achieving business goals as a team.

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