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Kimble Survey on Employees’ Lack of Insight Into Business Performance Features in HR Dive

Kimble’s recent survey showing that many employees do not feel “in the loop” when it comes to the financial performance of their organization was the basis of a feature in digital magazine “HR Dive”, headlined “Employers are doing a poor job of disclosing financial performance to workers.’  The publication, aimed at HR executives. recommended taking a more open and transparent approach to build employee engagement. 

The article highlighted the finding that 75% care about how well their company is performing but don’t know enough about the true state of business affairs, and only 23% of workers said they had insight into their employer’s financial performance.

Journalist Valerie Bolden-Barrett analysed the results of the consumer study: “A key takeaway from the survey is that most employees are interested in their company’s business and financial outlook, want truthful and timely information about the company and are willing to work harder to help it succeed.

“HR can set the tone for a transparent, engaging work environment, with managers and supervisors building trust within organizations through open, honest communication,” she concluded.

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