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Kimble PSA achieves Sage “Rockstar” status

August 7th, 2017 – Boston, MA – Kimble, a global leader in professional services automation, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Sage’s highest accolade for ISV partners – “Rockstar” status. This award is for Kimble’s integration with the Sage X3 product and will make Kimble available through all Sage X3 resellers and integrators. This news accentuates Sage’s already-strong relationship with Kimble.

The move is likely to be most significant in North America, where both companies are expanding rapidly and where Sage has recently acquired Intacct, building out the range of solutions it offers to companies of every size and maturity. Kimble PSA is used across a broad spectrum of companies, from tens to many thousands of users, but the match with Intacct in the US is ideal.

Kimble’s configurable out-of-the-box functionality is increasingly recognized as offering the best speed to value and the highest customer satisfaction scores of any PSA. Kimble and Sage products are often selected by customers who take a “best of breed” approach rather than a suite with patchy capabilities. There are also a number of customers enjoying the combination of Kimble PSA and Intacct finance already too.

One example of success in the best of breed approach is Sage itself who internally use a combination of Salesforce CRM, Kimble PSA, Sage People and Sage X3 for finance. This, and the achievement of Rockstar status for Kimble, positions Kimble PSA and Sage X3 as the preferred solution in the upper midmarket.

Kimble’s dedicated team of highly experienced software developers continue to focus on PSA development and innovation, including seamless integration with leading finance solutions, like X3.