Middle Management Beware – Augmented Intelligence is Coming for Your Jobs

Popular digital magazine CMS Wire carried an article by Kimble founder Mark Robinson recently, arguing that Augmented Intelligence may reduce the need for supervision in the digital workplace.

Popular perceptions that robots are going to replace professionals, may be misguided, Robinson writes. People in customer-facing roles solving human problems will still be valued, but he predicts that traditional management structures may change, with a greater degree of autonomy and accountability for frontline staff.

In the future, solutions powered by augmented intelligence will enable and support workers to supervise themselves. This may be at a simple level, nagging people to complete important chores like completing time sheets and expenses. Or it could be at a more organizational level, helping people to organize and plan their work.

There will still be a need for managers — but managers who very much add value, either at the executive level by harnessing the power of augmented intelligence to make better decisions more quickly; or at the level of leading and inspiring teams to greater success.