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Salesforce and Quickbooks link up

Salesforce announced closer links to Quickbooks today. For Kimble this news is further vindication of our approach to linking into Financial applications (like Quickbooks) rather than develop our own or mandate use of a specific one.

According to the statement under the partnership, Intuit will resell software along with an integration that moves information between the software and QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

Whilst Kimble can support the full lifecycle of a Professional Services firm from opportunity through to invoice creation we have no plans to develop a financial system. Indeed, we know this is not what our customers want. Our software is designed to grow with your organization. As your number of consultants and sub-contractors increase and the projects you deliver become more complex, the Kimble application provides the functionality you need every step of the way. However, so far no-one has come up with a Financial system which can scale in the same ways. As a Professional Services firm grows it will typically migrate from software such as Xero, Quickbooks or Sage to Oracle, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics. So as you grow Kimble will provide a link to the Financial software you need.

Traditionally, a large amount of financial reporting in Professional Services firms has been done within the Finance System along with a multitude of spreadsheets. This is because this is normally the only place where the information which is needed for KPI reporting can be found. The problem is that this data is complicated, labor-intensive and slow to prepare. The Finance team have to refer to information in a variety of sources to ensure they have the correct day rates, expenses, costs, forecasts, budgets, incentives schemes and so on during preparation. This is error-prone. With Kimble the Finance team can access this information easily as it is all contained in a single system. So in the Kimble world the Finance system does not need to be customized specifically to handle KPI reporting for Professional Services.