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Quickbooks launches in the cloud

The Quickbooks Financial software package is probably the most familiar name in the small to medium sized business world.  Today they launched a version that is available as a cloud platform.  Kimble has been part of the beta programme and our Chief Bean Counter actually features in their launch video.

With Quickbooks moving to the cloud and their recent link up with is further vindication of cloud based platforms being the cost effective solution for business.  Unlike some of our competitors we believe that it is important that Kimble is not tied to a single Finance package and so we integrate with the range of packages our clients want to use.  One popular product among our user base is Quickbooks and so we have been part of the beta programme to ensure we got early information on their new on-line version.  We got to know it so well that our Chief Bean Counter Annika was asked to feature in the launch video – you can watch it here and also learn more about their new cloud release. For the Quickbooks press release regarding Kimble then you can click here to link