Why Kimble?

Kimble is the ultimate Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution, delivering the engine for modern business growth by streamlining business processes and driving cost efficiencies.  The Kimble application connects three critical management domains – sales pipeline, resourcing and delivery.  It drives collaboration around real-time data that guides business development, resourcing, project and finance people to take action to sell and deliver more profitable projects and to optimize the back office. Kimble is fast becoming one of the major catalysts for achieving outstanding performance amongst technology, management and IT consulting firms.


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Embedded Best-Practice

Move your day-to-day management away from chaotic spreadsheets and silo systems onto an integrated system that embeds best practice and drives efficiency out of the box.


Connected Company

Allows users across the entire organization to collaborate on business processes, ensuring they are spending time benefiting from information, rather than gathering data.


Superior Insight

Real-time diagnostics and empirical KPI reporting give complete and instant visibility into the health of your business. Providing a comprehensive view of current, historic and future performance.



Effortless Integration

The best-of-breed engine for ambitious professional services organizations, specifically designed to easily integrate with existing or future corporate systems.

Some of our Customers

Over 150 customers are using Kimble to realise huge  benefits in their professional services organisation.   Kimble clients have seen 1-5% improvements in EBIT thanks to increased resource utilisation, project profitability and working capital usage. Click to see more details on our customers stories.


Customer Stories

An engaging system that drives real benefits


The Kimble PSA application is overturning the traditional view that PSA is all about gathering data to report on the past, instead Kimble helps services organizations forecast what is likely to happen. A highly engaging system that empowers people across the business to make better decisions through guided analytics and a unique process centric approach.


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